Data is Everything and
Everyone is Data.

The ability to collect, organize, structure and analyze data on a large scale is probably the most significant trait which ADSH does with ease.

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We're first in the industry to introduce QR Code based production update with data analytic's to help the business to drive in a right direction. It is simple & modern cloud business intelligence (BI) and analytic's to optimize your most complex business processes.

This requires NO installation and setup. You can simply sign-up and ready to use on the fly. With ADASH, you can track all your subcontractors, quality controllers and other business units.


In today’s economy, textile manufacturers require lots of data and powerful tools. By combining the two, you can get customized analytics and reports from the assembly floor to the client’s door, in just a few clicks. ADASH uses QR Code to track the movement between one stage to another. With just simple mobile scan, all tracked in real time.

Automotive Engineering & Components

Our unique approach to built-in BI & analytics guides you every step of the way on the journey to becoming a data-driven organization. It’s helping Automotive Engineering companies perform better by enabling more and faster data-driven decisions throughout the entire organization. This is the enterprise solution that actually works for everyone.

Engineering Procurement & Tooling

The ADASH business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform helps engineering companies use data more strategically across and beyond the enterprise. It provides organizations with everything they need to turn data into actionable insights for real business outcomes.

Wet Grinders & Home Appliances

Analyze overall efficiency easily to understand uptime at each production site and improve throughput. ADASH technology brings together all key data, such as availability, performance, and quality, so manufacturers can determine which factors are improving or worsening and which have the greatest operational impact.

Motor & Pumps

Get an organized insight into your business with ADASH BI tailored for the manufacturing industry. With ADASH BI for the Motor & Pumps you can delve into all aspects of your business and monitor performance, detect trends and much more.

Jewellery & Gems

Transform your business with faster, fact-based decisions. ADASH helps Jewellery & Gems manufacturing organizations use data to optimize processes, improve supply chain agility, and better serve the modern customer.

Poultry & Food Products

Collaborate closely with suppliers and trading partners to gain real-time visibility into business operations. Capture consumer and shopper insights to innovate brands and categories. Drive cost efficiencies and profitability across the value chain.

Retail & E-Commerce

Consumer tastes can change in a heartbeat. Successful retailers put data directly in the hands of those who can react the fastest: store managers and front-line associates. Give your team real-time insights into top-selling products and location performance. A class-leading mobile user experience ensures even geographically distributed teams can optimize and grow together.

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