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We provide comprehensive onboarding and training for staff members so that they know exactly how the system works and what they need to do day-to-day to maximize value.

Discover hidden insights in your data easily

  • Display real-time business performance on any screen

    Visualize your performance in real-time across screens to keep track of your goals and results.

  • Display data from multiple data sources

    Mix and match data from multiple sources. Create detailed performance visualization by displaying dashboard

  • Smartphone Access

    Use any mobile device to access a responsive version of your dashboard with support for iOS, Android.

  • Clean design

    Simple, effective visuals populate your dashboard, rather than distracting graphics.

  • Work together faster, better, stronger

    ADASH increases everyone’s ability to act on data, including partners outside the organization.

  • Run the business from your phone

    ADASH enables all management to quickly access information on any mobile device.

  • Take action with data

    ADASH gives everyone a more holistic view so they can take more informed, effective actions.

  • Safe, Secure, Scalable.

    ADASH delivers optimized, web-scale, enterprise-class security and administration.

  • Your insights, your way.

    ADASH's full app ecosystem provides packaged offerings to meet any business’ needs.

  • Everyone on the same page, all the time.

    Simple, effective visuals populate your dashboard, rather than distracting graphics.

  • Location Intelligence

    ADASH provides the ability to map and visualize data in geographical formats.

  • “What if” analysis

    Allows you to assess the potential effects of critical business decision before they’re actually made.

  • Track Production Status using QR Barcode

    Track work in progress using a smartphone by scanning QR code without any manual data entry.

  • Use On-The-Go

    ADASH is a Cloud - SaaS - On demand business intelligence software whcih requires no setup or installation

  • Instant Analytics for All Your Data

    ADASH's data analytics software is built to help business users take complex data and instantly view insights that drive your entire business.

Features & Capabilities

  • Beautiful dashboards & simplified infographics
  • Improved production quality and time
  • Display real-time production status in production unit and on any screen
  • Enables the transparency between buyer, subcontractor and manufacturer
  • Live production tracking on the go
  • Enabled the management to make faster, more-informed decisions
  • No data entry effort. QR Code allows to capture the productivity
  • No setup and installation process
  • Centrally administered, fully web based system
  • Affordable Analytics tranforms your business
  • Makes your digital transformation easier
  • Changing the way you think about data
  • Monitor products, times and lines to solve problems faster
  • Maximize brand and campaign profitability
  • Built for next generation business owners
  • Industry's pioneer and most scalable platform
  • Easy to use for all users, on any device
  • Data-driven approach to Industry 4.0
  • Enable business leaders to securely access and explore data
  • Access from mobile devices and the cloud
  • Broad and deep analytical capabilities
  • Everyone on the same page all the time
  • Empowering the next generation of leaders
  • Run the business from your phone

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